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NanoTech Fuel Enhancer

An UNO award-winning multi-functional fuel enhancer with liquid nanotechnology that delivers unparalleled dramatic results.

1 Ml to Treat 8 Liters of Fuel (1:8000)

With the proprietary liquid nanotechnology, AutoMax NFE makes the most effective, most efficient and most economical fuel additive in the market!

Made in USA
Tested by EPA approved laboratories
Tested and used by government agencies
Recognized to be one of the best and most efficient fuel additives
Tested and used by major trucking companies
Proven with over 15 billion kilometers of safe and real-life driving


Thermal Insulation Coating

Nanorich proudly announces thermal insulating coating for roofs and walls to save energy and to give comfort to the people.

DIANANO Engine Oil Additive

Engine Power Up
Noise Reduction
Fuel Economy 
Prolonged Life of Engine Oil 
Engine Protect & Prolonged Life of Car

DIANANO Brand Maintenance & Energy Saving Gear Oil Additive was developed by the R & D center of GENCO. The Gear Oil Additive was produced following the international forefront science and technology of biomimetic self-assembly nano-technology (solid-state). Please visit the website www.dianano.in for more information.



Fill up your vehicle as usual.
Reset your trip odometer to zero on your dashboard panel.
Reset your kms/L or L/100 kms calculator to zero.
Drive a HIGHWAY route until your fuel tank is almost empty;
Record your mileage and the kms/L or L/100 kms you achieved.

ECO FUEL SAVER provides unprecedented and IMMEDIATE gains in fuel mileage as well as dramatic reductions in toxic engine emissions. There has never been a mileage increasing or emissions reducing additive on the market anywhere near as effective as Super Eco-Fuel Saver! Super Eco-Fuel Saver works by breaking down larger fuel molecule chains and clusters into smaller chains for a greater and more complete combustion of the fuel making your fuel take you farther! It can be used in all internal combustion engines (to greater than 7000hp!) that burn gasoline, diesel or bio-diesel fuel. With

Bio Concrete Remover

Bio concrete removal for from metals.

Nano Coal Coat

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Crystal Blue

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