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Our Clientele

ACC Concrete India Ltd.
Ambuja Cement Pvt. Ltd.
Titan Industris Ltd.
Trident Infrastructure.
RDC India Pvt. Ltd.
Tulasi Concretes.
Manipal Press Pvt. Ltd.
Lancy Constructions and Builders.
Supreme Tiles works.
Juliana Manipal Nets.
Lalith Industries.
Kiran Digitech Pvt. Ltd.
Plastubex Corporation Inc.
K K Fish Net Company.
ER Textiles Ltd.
Mynah Industris Ltd.
Sai Vishram - Hosur Road.
Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd.


About Us

Nanorich Technologies is promoted by experienced Technocrats & Management professionals to become leaders in performance & safety oriented innovative & path breaking, Game changing products.

Nanorich Technologies, a Bangalore based company, proudly would like to introduce Eco-friendly and an UNO Award Winning product which is rocking in International Market from last 20 years in the fuel additive market. 
Nanorich Technologies is a pioneer and only company
 promoting Nano-Tech Fuel Saving Additive in India for Corporate IndiaAutomax NFE is only Fuel additive available in India applicable for all liquid fuel viz Petrol, diesel, kerosene etc. Automax comes with  host of benefits of improvement in Fuel Savings up to 28%, boost in power of engines by 10-15% and substantial reduction in emission up to 98%.   Automax NFE found out to be a time tested both globally and domestically across various corporate customers in every applications starting from Vehicles, Diesel Generator Sets, High Speed Diesel  Boilers even with furnace oil, Naphtha, Kerosene etc(Any Hydrocarbon).

Our planet is undergoing severe environmental crisis which is man-made due to abuse of the nature by over utilizing limited resources and showing disrespect for nature’s cycles, ecosystem. It is imperative that we adopt environment friendly products for our day to day life thereby creating sustainable relationship with our environment and in this direction, Nanorich wants to create value for minimizing carbon footprint and save resources for a better future.
    • To become the leader in Aadditive Market.
    • To launch unique products in safety management.
    • Comprehensive  solution to provide efficiency  economy  under single roof.
    • Create an awareness and build market for every corporate sector to be a part in their system.
    • To become an integral part in conserving environmental energy by reducing pollution.


To set a new bench mark in fuel additive market by offering quality research based brands and to cater the discerning markets with quality and innovative products

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